Neil MacPherson RSA

Neil MacPherson is an artist living and working in the far North Highlands.
Macpherson paintings are imbued with sensitivity and understanding as they illustrate some of the small yet fundamental truths found in nature, humanity and life itself. The intensely emotional language of colour, symbolism and mystery provoke a powerful response to the quiet figures in his work who posses a wisdom all of their own. Inspired by ancient tales told, religion, myths and poetry these beautiful paintings with their very human subject, often autobiographical, deliver both cause for reflection and an enigmatic challenge.

Neil MacPherson is a wonderfully inventive painter with a superb use of colour. His paintings involve a beautiful narrative that draws in the viewer, curious to discover more about this surreal, poetic world he creates.
Drawing on the rich sources found in the far north.
All that is required often is time, time spent stood in front of a Neil MacPherson painting is rarely wasted. This is a unique voice, one that is growing in confidence, one that makes him one of the most important painters working in Scotland today.